Long-Term Vision

The LPH Group reacts dynamically to market conditions and current trends in the mechanical engineering industry. Its long-term goal is to be a reliable technological and production partner with a long-term growth guarantee, and with the ambition of bringing original final products to the market.

In addition to the production of components, LPH brings added value to its clients in the form of professional support during the ideation and final design of products. We make full use of our cutting-edge production technologies and qualified human resources, becoming an agent of development and innovation. We bring advanced procedures to clients’ projects, and our own. We stress the continuous training of our employees, inspired by world leaders in the industry, as well as the needs of the customers themselves. This enables us to meet the requirements of even the most demanding markets. LPH Group also pays attention to sustainable growth, it manages production materials as efficiently as possible, and disposes of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. The development of technologies and innovative technical solutions is the primary objective and priority of the LPH Group. Only in this way can we offer truly comprehensive solutions that result in a first-class, design-attractive product, perfectly fulfilling its purpose.